Mike Horn And G.H. Mumm Present Dinners Of The Extreme

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G.H. Mumm is set to recreate history. The famous champagne brand is part of a very special project: to organize 7 gourmet dinners in the planet’s most exclusive spots! That’s worthy of our Food’n’Style section!

For now, only two dinners have been organized, and that, in some very surprising places: The Sermilik fjord in Greenland (July 8th 2008) and Charcot Bay, an Iceberg in the north of the Antarctic peninsula (October 27th 2008). The dinners are highly organized by most prized chiefs and highly celebrated with G.H. Mumm. The next special location will be announced by the end of the first half of 2009! (more after the jump)

Mike Horn G H Mumm Dinners of the Extreme penguin

Mike Horn G H Mumm Dinners of the extreme island

I don’t usually cover this kind of events, but this expedition (called the Pangaea expedition, Mike Horn’s 4 years challenge) is meant to draw attention to the environment and our planet’s preservation. And if I can lend a helping hand to an honorable environmentalist cause, it’s my pleasure! I hope the next special places where the Pangaea expedition will land, are at least as impressive as this Antarctic episode (where they recreated Captain Charcot’s expedition, sponsored by G.H. Mumm a century back). What do you think of their initiative? Will it draw attention and sensitivity to our planet’s survival issues? Or it’s simply a quest filled with adrenaline and champagne? (via)

Mike Horn G H Mumm Dinners of the extreme Captain Chacot

Mike Horn G H Mumm Dinners of the extreme


#1 Ellington on 11.30.08 at 10:38 am

Interesting idea Kpriss, but you are not photo shopping us again are you? ; )

#2 Adriana on 11.30.08 at 10:54 am

What can I say? As long as I see MUMM as a sponsor for the Formula1 and their name is written huge on the podium and three mega bottles MUMM at the end off every race are enjoyed by the three winning drivers? I’m very sure about adrenaline and champagne!

I remember a charity event of late where Micha Barton wore that green feathered Monique Huillier dress. I’m sure people remember the dress but what the charity was about? I’ve my doubts……so I go for the adrenaline and champange again…..

#3 Adriana on 11.30.08 at 1:21 pm

Odd…….when I reacted it was only me….but I do notice the time difference???

Ellington, its not a joke I’ve googled it up.

#4 kpriss on 11.30.08 at 5:26 pm

Oh, no, it’s not Photoshop! (this time!) But you never know when Bigfoot snaps into the picture! ;)

Adriana, I think it’s not about quantity. If 100 people remember the charity and what was all about and none reacts, than what’s the use? I hope (at least) 50 remembered but also reacted and helped! (numbers randomly picked, I hope millions react and help, but let’s take it one step at the time)

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