Original Color Rings By Itay Ohaly

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Young Israeli Designer Itay Ohaly carved out these wonderful rings from an old painting table, from a children furniture carpentry. Layers of acrylic paint were applied daily for four months in order to reach this thickness.

The result in rather charming, as the colorful layers of acrylic paint are sliced through to create surprising shapes. Sometimes you can even see the original painting table since there are sections that include it in a ring… I don’t know if it’s also resistant but it sure looks pretty to me. (not easy to wear, I imagine). So could you wear Itay Ohaly’s colored rings? (more pictures with the surprising rings right after the jump!) (via)

Color Rings by Itay Ohay

Color Rings by Itay Ohay 2
Color Rings by Itay Ohay 3
Color Rings by Itay Ohay 4

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#1 Ellington on 10.08.08 at 3:55 pm

They are interesting but I would love them even more if the were bangles.

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