Dare To Wear The Chain Me Softly Necklace By Ieva Laurina?

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From time to time I get this jewelry fever – I just have to get me some! But the strangest thing happens – when I get to the store, I don’t find anything I could wear. Nothing satisfies my uniqueness desire and I have to delay my jewelry fever until my special something comes my way.

When I found the Chain me Softly by Ieva Laurina I said to myself – here’s something new! I don’t know if I could wear it on daily basis, but I sure know it makes quite an impression! What about you? Could you wear this 5m long leather necklace?

Chain me softly leather necklace by Ieva Laurina

Chain me softly leather necklace by Ieva Laurina detail


#1 Anna @ Shoe Smitten on 10.29.08 at 2:41 pm

Maybe for Halloween! :)

#2 Ellington on 10.29.08 at 2:52 pm

Yes I would and yes I could!
I like it! : )

#3 Dolly Bird on 10.29.08 at 3:22 pm

Granted its original. But they remind me of the time when I fell off my bicycle when the chain around the pedals came undone!
As for the necklace, made in leather it must warm the neck after a while.

#4 Adriana on 10.29.08 at 4:31 pm

I like it too. But Dolly Bird has a point: leather does warm the neck after a while. I’ve wore leather necklaces. Not like this one. The leather became a bit greasy looking in the end. I can not recommend to wear this one when you go out to dance!

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