Dare To Wear Una Burke’s Leather Creations?

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Clearly wearing leather is a challenge in itself but also a durable experience that will take you through the years over and over again, keep your leather close and imprinted with every movement and every new wearing experience.

Una Burke’s leather creations seem as experimental as they are wearable and choosing one of her crafty models is a statement in itself as they go from restraints-like body corsets to simple belts, necklaces or bags. It’s a leather experiment in the works and it’s getting more and more coverage.

leather bolero Una Burke

The likes of Madonna and Rihanna worked with Una Burke (makes sense, right?). But we’re not her Madgesty and although there may be a good girl gone bad (or the other way around) in each and every one of us, we hardly walk around like Diamonds in the Sky.

leather body corset Una Burke

So from the looks you’ve seen here, would you dare to wear Una Burke’s creations? For off-stage purposes? (you can see more on unaburke dot com)

exquisite leather top Una Burke

daring leather creations by Una Burke

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