The Meta Wingback Chair By Bottega Veneta And Poltrona Frau

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Here’s a little something to match with your Bottega Veneta bag. No, just kidding! With your Bottega Veneta Leather Desk!

The Bottega Veneta Meta Wingback Chair made in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, an Italian based leading name in luxury furniture. The Meta chair is, of course, made from leather and carries a wooden pillow. The Leather Chair is part of Bottega Veneta’s furniture collection that is now available for purchase online in the Bottega Veneta store. The collection also contains a drawers leather chest (tall or small) all made in the same workshop as the Bottega Veneta bags and leather goods. It seems that these few pieces I found are just the beginning and there will be more Bottega furniture to follow. Would you think that one day they’ll consider vegan furniture too?

Bottega Veneta Poltrona Frau Leather Meta Armchair

Bottega Veneta Leather chest drawer

Bottega Veneta Leather Meta Armchair

Bottega Veneta Poltrona Frau Leather Armchair detail

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#1 Ellington on 09.18.08 at 11:31 am

I like the chair and the other pieces. they are classic looking.
Vegan furniture? Only if the material was comfortable, durable and attractive.

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