Questionable Style: Rachel Bilson Skinny And Chanel Bag

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For some time now, I look at the various celebrities filling our newspapers, magazines, tv and computer screens and I admit they’re fascinating.

One because they expose their lives, two because they set trends. More you expose yourself, more people judge you in every way. I won’t get into celebs personal matters, they’re plenty to do it on a regular daily basis. I’m just taking the style side of it. So I thought I’d introduce you with a new category called Questionable Style and dealing with our beloved celebrities and the way they dress. The first to inaugurate the category is Rachel Bilson. I know many consider her a style muse and a true fashionista. I remember seeing her only in Jumper, the movie and I also remember I wasn’t too impressed by her, or her character. (there’s a poll attached to this article, so don’t forget to vote after the picture)

Rachel Bilson wearing Skinny Jeans with Chanel bag

However, people seem to take her fashion into consideration and make her outfit choices a must. Today I came across this picture of Rachel wearing blue skinny jeans, a white tank, a man’s cap, Rayban Wayfarers and a big Chanel bag. If you don’t consider matching skinny jeans and white tops today, you’re completely out of fashion it seems! And more! Skinny jeans must end in flops or flats. The more expensive you bag is, more your style it’s praised and gets recognition. Now it’s on you – do you think Rachel Bilson’s outfit was: blind picked or catwalk ripped? Don’t forget to cast your vote!
(photos via bauergriffin)

What do you think about Rachel Bilson's outfit?

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#1 Adriana on 09.18.08 at 7:33 am

I voted for “Blind picked” but not really for 100%. Haven’t we all these days that we think: “Mwah, I do not care that much so this and that is fine for today. Who cares?”
After all I like all my clothes and accessories….

#2 fashion chalet on 09.18.08 at 8:22 am

The outfit is OK. I’m just not keen on the bag, it looks like two?

PS: Thank you for the wonderful comment in my blog!! :)

#3 Ellington on 09.18.08 at 11:28 am

I think she woke up and put this on of her own making. I don’t like her Chanel bag.

#4 kid on 09.18.08 at 12:00 pm

still, she’s not on the red carpet. not every relaxed and simple outfit must be blind picked.

#5 jeanneadele on 11.17.08 at 5:59 am

the outfit’s fine with me as far as casual, just gettin’ through the day. it’s too bad that style and cut of jeans doesn’t work with her body. we all learn, at some point, to dress for our bodies and lifestlyes, not just because this or that is in fashion.

#6 ... on 08.28.13 at 3:56 am

She is sooo beautiful!
I don’t really like her chanel bag.
It looks so cheap, although I could never pay for one.

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