Charity Wisdom Without Moderation

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Of course I was waiting for another Kaiser-ish moment of priceless wisdom to present you! And once the moment arrived, I asked myself if Karl is someone with a ginormous sense of humor or smitten by age, caviar and solitude.

Nonetheless, I ask you the same question – could it be possible, maybe, that Lagerfeld was really a socialite genius and we’re not appreciating his sayings properly? Because his latest wisdom event was revealed to the world when asked by Vanity Fair which cause the Best Dressed List nominees stand for. : “Myself” proudly answered Karl who’s on the Best Dressed List under the saying “Because the Kaiser is wiser”.

Karl Lagerfeld Vanity Fair Best dressed list
(via fashionista)


#1 Adriana on 07.31.08 at 9:36 am

Oh well at least der Kaiser never fails to amuse me. Especially on the photo on the right with his trademark high collar and if and if my eyes don’t cheat on me do I see a glam sporty jacket and a hoody together?
Whatever, der Kaiser is wiser what do I know?

#2 Ellington on 07.31.08 at 10:00 am

Herr Lagerfeld is a work of art himself.
I often think of him as the Mad Hatter out of “Alice In Wonderland” come to life!
I could totally see him at that mad tea party and stuffing the sleepy dormouse, in this case a model into a teapot!

#3 kpriss on 08.06.08 at 5:35 am

Oh, he’s totally the Mad Hatter of modern days, Ellington!

Adriana, forget the collar, look at the jogg that he described like not for running, not for people who practice any kind of sport, it’s just to show off for lazy people like him. He never runs out of wisdom, Karl!

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