Vanessa Paradis And Linda Evangelista For Prada Fall Winter 2008/09 Ad Campaign

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Wind of change is blowing Prada’s counter. Either that, or Kiki wasn’t expressive as the Spring-summer 2008 Ad campaign face.

Or that blossom-insecticide-atrocity made its way into Prada’s marketing department. They’re letting go Kiki and taking Vanessa Paradis for this Fall-Winter Ad Campaing. The news goes much deeper – Sasha Pivovarova is cancelled from her Prada face post and in her place, they rather pay more than $10,000 for a retouching guru because they’ll have forty-something Linda Evangelista as their representative face.

Prada Fall Winter 2008-2009 Ad Campaign
(via tfs)


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#4 Terry Dukes on 07.22.08 at 7:26 pm

Linda Evangelista is wonderful in the Prada print Ad. Now in her forty’s and a Mom. I think it’s great that she is still working and looking great! Linda is still the best model in fashion PERIOD! I’ll bet that Prada paid her more than !0,000. If they paid her less than 10 grand! Then they got a bargin. You go Linda ! Show the folks , that you will only stop modeling when you want to stop modeling. You are still the MEGA model.

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