Lancôme Vs Uma Thurman, Uma Thurman Vs Lancôme

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As much as I hate trials, this very invasive one is getting on my nerves. Lancôme sued Uma Thurman. In self defense, Uma Thurman sued Lancôme.

What now? Well I guess it’s time to lay down your bets. Uma claims $15 million from Lancôme for having used her image in advertorial purposes after the contract expired. Of course Lancôme is claiming the opposite, saying (when making the complaint, just 2 days before Uma did) that she’s wrong, and demanding the judges to dismiss her claims. This should be interesting to watch! My bet is on a off-court settlement profitable for both sides – since Uma’s age requires special attention, Lancôme will offer her life time high luxury products and she’ll accidentally remember some past-signature on a paper saying she’d agree to let Lancôme use her image in some ads post-campaign-ending. What’s the price of truth?

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