Your Weekly Madonna – Madonna’s Elle UK Cover May 2008

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Just in case you missed it – Madonna has got herself another magazine cover – Elle UK features her Madgesty photographed by Tom Munro.

Just one happy news – there’s no sign of those boots! Finally! The other news is the cover comes with an interview in which she gracefully describes her draconic life regime (with 3 hours work outs per day, among other details).

Madonna on Elle UK Cover May 2008

I’m not going to slow down, get off this ride, stay home and get fat!”

Thank you so much, your Madgesty! The weird thing is, I don’t feel fatter for staying at home. At least I don’t stress people out with my magazines covers and laced boots!

But then again.. I get to spare people when it comes to wisdom :

Madonna Elle UK by Tom Munro

I love Cadbury Fruit and Nut, Crunchies and Maltesers. But my absolute favourite is a Cadbury Creme Egg. I bite straight in to it and suck all that good stuff right out!

Such a naughty, Madge, such a naughty! Now go spend an extra 2 hours in the gym!

UPDATE: I have updated the article with the latest pictures from Elle UK

Madonna Elle Magazine UK Issue May 2008
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#1 Adriana on 04.01.08 at 12:08 pm

Sorry dear editor I’ve nothing to say that makes a bit of sense unless it is a question: “Is her Madgesty spokeswoman for Cadbury?”

I just had a very good laugh and that isn’t that bad is it? Though I’ve to confess I’m curieus to hear her new album……

#2 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 5:16 pm

It surely is not! I had fun writing the article myself. She’s just full of wisdom, Madge! And why not, if she could endorse more, I’m sure she won’t hold back from Cadbury!

As for the album, aren’t we all already curious? Soon we’ll grow tired, just the day before the big launch ;)

#3 Adriana on 04.01.08 at 6:25 pm

I didn’t notice any reinvention seeing these photos.

Maybe Pharrell and Timbaland and Justing Timberlake did some reinvention on her record? And of course not to forget master-mixer Junkie XL (NL!)………

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#5 Armine Abrahamyan on 04.03.08 at 12:09 am

Madonna always has a very nice and sexy look!


#6 V on 04.12.08 at 2:14 am

well, you could have at least posted the photo with the laced boots if you can’t help but talk s*t about her. The boots are f*ing fantastic.

#7 simir on 05.23.08 at 2:50 pm

madonna is a ray of light…….

#8 shell on 06.04.09 at 8:24 am

i think that madonna always looks sexy in what she weres you give her something shabby and she will turn it into something gorgoues.

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