Madonna Dazed and Confused in April

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The show queen is back. And with a new flavor “Hard Candy”.

Madonna’s breaking out the silence with another album worked with everyone’s favorite Timbaland (who never comes by himself so he brought his bunch – Justin Timberlake and Pharrell). Soon enough, all music aired on the radio will sound exactly the same. JT is working with Timba, Nelly’s working with Timba, Madonna’s working with Timba.. Hey! Wonder if I could work with Timba?

Madonna Dazed and Confused CoverWell this wasn’t about Timbaland at all, this was about Madonna and her gracing the April Number of Dazed and Confused with an exclusive interview and lots and lots of pages about Madonna’s fashion and art. As soon as photo updates will be available, I’ll keep you posted! In the mean time please enjoy Madonna’s words of wisdom:

“I have moments where I feel incredibly invincible and know that I have the audience in my hand… and then I have panic attacks, where I feel like everyone is breathing my air, and I might just die on stage.”
O! Hail! The Almighty Queen! Step back, don’t breathe her air or her singing can worsen up (even more!)!

After that disco wreck of a record she pulled out last time, are you curious to see what music style is she going to resurrect?
(via dazeddigital)


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