Madonna Takes Cover for Vanity Fair May 2008 Issue

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We all love a little marketing from time to time, right? One magazine at a time, Madonna’s gracing us with yet another posing.

Vanity Fair’s Green Issue cover for May is grey. White writing. Bathing suit fierce looking Madonna with, yes, the same type of boots as for those others magazines (at least she ditched the boxing theme for vanity’s sake). I know it must be hard for an artist to promote a new album, but isn’t she going too far now? We all got the message – she’s having a new album, now it would be wise to back up a little on the photoshop teasing so we won’t grow tired of it already, before it actually hits stores. But that’s just me. Maybe you feel really impressed by her invading more and more magazine space and that actually makes you more curious about the album?

Madonna on the Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine May 2008
(photo tfs)


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