$3,000 Machine Washable Evening Dress

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Pregnant women find unknown resources for practical inspiration. Sara Berman, young designer and expecting young mother spawned a very interesting fashion project.

Now I don’t see as the most outstanding creation since it’s expensive enough to target a certain customer, and that kind of client isn’t drawn by the idea of wearing the same outfit (especially a special occasion outfit) more than once.

Sara and Aimee Berman Design

“We don’t have time to go to the dry cleaners every time we wear something, so we wanted to design a dress that was high-end but that you can take off and pop in the washing machine easily.”

Then again, maybe that’s just my point of view and $3,000 is a price worth paying if the dress lasts and lasts, even so, how many social events can you take wearing the same outfit (we’re talking here about an empire-line dress, floor-length, layered and ruffled at the shoulders and descending into an oversized corsage)?

(via vogue, saraberman.com)

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