Would you Pay $260 to Have Footprints on Your Longchamp Handbag?

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I remember when I wanted to buy the “Pliage” Longchamp. Then I reconsidered myself because everybody had a Pliage of their own.

I’m one of those fashion egoists who loves to have one of a kind things. It was one of the reasons I liked vintage so much. Even if it’s so very practical, this Longchamp fever didn’t catch me. Now I look at a limited edition bag made by Jeremy Scott for Longchamp with stomp marks all over it and ask myself why would anyone consider it glamorous and be seduced by the idea of having sole marks on their handbag.. Help me understand, please!

Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Pliage Stomp Bag
(via vogue)

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#1 Another Jeremy Scott Pliage Longchamp Bag — StyleFrizz on 06.03.08 at 8:39 am

[…] mythical Pliage bag is no longer foot-printed but takes the very exclusive print of a gold card (and sells like always chez Colette for $270). […]

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