Marc Jacobs GQ Magazine Interview vs Marc Jacobs Moment With Élodie Bouchez

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Today I thought about a new category. A category where you’ll find articles about famous people and their words of wisdom about themselves or about the world or the others. It will be called “Wisdom without moderation”. At first is was Karl Lagerfeld’s turn and now it’s Marc Jacobs.
You know Marc Jacobs. You know his work, his products, his campaigns, his relationships, hence his sexual orientation.

Only this time, for a series of photographs by Maciek Kobielski with Élodie Bouchez (photo session I would otherwise call “long live the blitz”) he talked about something surprising – what he can relate to in the opposite sex. Those of you who had any hopes left, get to find out what Le Marc Jacobs is looking for in a woman.
Marc Jacobs Elodie Bouchez

What I look for in a woman:
Elodie is one of those girls that I relate to on a lot of levels. She’s creative, she’s a mom, and she works. I’ve seen her out at events and also at home listening to music, and she always has that real-girl quality that I like.

Marc Jacobs Elodie Bouchez Pictures

And to be honest, reading what he looks for in a woman doesn’t surprise me one bit he didn’t found one! For one, relating to someone (when you’re a man, single, unattached) because she’s a mom and she works? Makes me copy-paste that when referring to his admiration for Posh (ok, minus the work part, which suddenly explains why he’s got her on his advertising campaign, to make her work) and then, the real-girl quality that comes when at home and listening to music it’s too much for my sense of reality. Then again, I may not be that real-girl…

Marc Jacobs Elodie Bouchez Photos

Only noooow we get to find out so much more after reading some fragments from his GQ Magazine interview:

“I’d look at my babysitter and her boyfriend and long to be at an age where I could wear what they were wearing,” he says. Clothes had the stirring, transformative power of music — of rock, punk, and particularly grunge. “There was a beaten-down glamour about the whole thing,” Jacobs says, “something so kind of romantic and beautiful.”

Marc Jacobs Elodie Bouchez Maciek Kobielski Photos

“I look at Tom [Ford] and he looks great. Whatever he’s doing works for him. And I don’t know if he does anything, but I’m not opposed. Whatever makes me feel good, I want more of.” He’s already had a little work done on his nose, an approximation of the swelling that resulted when he ran into a glass door. “It got so swollen here,” he says, indicating the bridge, “and I thought, This is so hot.”

Marc Jacobs Elodie Bouchez Pictures by Maciek Kobielski

I hold my tongue now because I’d rather have your reactions. This new category is all about your side of the story, so please share your version of Marc Jacobs.
(via nymag, nytimes)


#1 a dreamer on 04.17.08 at 3:07 am

hehheh, well the pictures made me laugh. the first few pictures looks like he is constantly checking out her rack.

#2 Adriana on 04.17.08 at 6:24 am

What is Marc rambling about? He’s changing his muses fast lately! Or for that matter his “products” as he called Mrs Beckham. Who can’t sell her own product but that’s another story.

“Hello, hello here’s Mother Earth to Marc Jacobs?”





#3 yivon on 04.20.08 at 5:50 pm

Love Marc ! Those photos are great !

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