2014 Retro Boots & Shoulder Bags Marc Jacobs FW14 Collection

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Fall should be so much about raining and cloudy sky that Marc Jacobs imagined the right weather matching fashion ever in his Fall Winter 2014 2015 collection!

Swearing this is far from being retro inspired, the looks designed and sent by Marc Jacobs on the New York Fashion Week runway kept providing a familiar feeling of déjà-vu. Simple constructions, earth-toned, basic items building up a layered approach of the cold season.

Ankle boots with lateral zipper

Zippers have been a style helper this fashion week season. At least as far as footwear goes, I’ve seen it again and again, so it’s hardly a surprise to find it again in Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 collection – notice the rounded heel!

retro zipper booties Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs

sixties booties Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs

Graphic ankle boots

A slight variation of the above, the mid-heel booties with graphic motifs look like vintage footwear in perfect shape. I’m having issues labeling this as a smart designer move who managed to bring back past fashion times so accurately, or as an attempt to only focus on relaxed yet smart and practical style for yet another season.

graphic retro booties Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs

graphic retro leather booties Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs

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Over the knee suede graphic boots

While trying to discard the musketeer feeling I’ve had when first seeing the graphic booties I stumbled across these thigh high boots. Surely I’m more inclined to not see sixties fashion all over again!

thigh high boots Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs

thigh high suede boots Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs


A mandatory presence on any Fall Winter 2014 runway, Marc Jacobs not only sent models wearing luxurious finish sneakers but also wore a pair himself, to take his designer bow at the end of the presentation. And he wore Adidas Originals white sneakers paired with a dark burgundy, three striped pair of Adidas tracksuit pants. Yes he did! (this should be the after-Vuitton walk in the park for Marc)

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 sneakers

Fall 2014 sneakers Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

Bags were so simply shaped and Spartan-ly constructed that I can only differentiate them after the leather finish used. Suede, quilted, ostrich leather or fur, the bags were all hanging from a chain strap waist-long with a rigid construction. (images styledotcom)

Fall 2014 shoulder bags Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 shoulder bags

chain strap shoulder bags Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs


#1 Appollonia on 02.14.14 at 11:41 am

The short booties are 60’s inspired. The fashion from those days was way cute and reforming, rebellious. I like the ones without the zippers. Has to view the whole show for a real opinion.
It’s time to view some shows. Loves the Olympic Games too much. So I’ll be back! ;) :)

#2 Ellington on 02.15.14 at 6:10 pm

Yes Appollonia is spot on regarding the short booties and the long ones.
they bring to mind the styles that Emma Peel for The Avengers would wear! Funky and fashion fun!
I have never been a fan of chain straps on bags as they would dig too much for me.
And as Appollonia said it is time to go watch the Winter Olympics! I am loving the games! : )

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