Marc Jacobs Exits Vuitton, Enters Beauty With Makeup Collection

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Rumor has it – again – that Marc Jacobs is going to leave the house of Louis Vuitton. Because we all know that fashion is but a glittery game of smoke and mirrors, this could very well be just a maneuver to rise the popularity of LV to never before attained peaks of commercial frenzy or it could simply be true. In which case…

Let’s discuss the arrival of a new beauty line at your local Sephora (on online, for those of you who don’t have one nearby): Marc Jacobs Beauty. A line of 122 products from eye shadows to nail polish (oh, I wish I could test those, just out of curiosity – as I previously stated, nail polish became my most recent addiction).

Marc Jacobs cosmetics through Sephora

Set to hit the stores this August, the new collection is already receiving a lot of buzz as it implies a hypothetical dismissal of Marc Jacobs from the creative leading position at Louis Vuitton and also a wonderful adventure in the world of cosmetics by one of the most significant trendsetting designers of our generation.

Marc Jacobs cosmetics new collection

I wish there would be an ad campaign associated with this launch, for a better grasp of what beauty in applied cosmetics means to Marc Jacobs! I think I saw Edie’s face on a stand?

Marc Jacobs cosmetics collection

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