Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign – Unexpectably Funny

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It’s been only few days since the photos of the advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs were issued and now everyone’s talking about them. Especially after Posh’s special appearance in the famous Blackwell list as the worst dressed celebrity, people wandered more and more how could Marc Jacobs have chose her to pose in his Spring Summer Ad Campaign.

When we saw the first pictures, we instantly knew why! Not to worry, though, we are promised a lot more ads for the following months.

Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs Shopping Bag with Legs Coming out

We thought the funniest thing would be to show the Victoria Beckham ads that don’t show Victoria Beckham, but just to see those legs coming out of the bag.(…)
‘People will think it’s an odd choice for me to have made, and people will think it’s odd for you to do. I mean, you’re not really my girl,’ although I never think that I have one. (…)
And I said, ‘I like the idea of you being this product, and you being this product that Marc Jacobs producing, like a doll or something, I explained it to Juergen and he made the big shopping bag and a big box and had Victoria dressed in our clothes.

Marc Jacobs

Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs Coming out of the Box Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs Shopping Bag and her head with sunglasses

The images are humorous and ironic. (…)You can’t be afraid to experiment with fashion, especially when working with Marc and Juergen — you have to push the envelope and show a different side.
“Marc is a genius, I completely trusted his vision and the opportunity to work with Juergen again after so many years was a privilege.

Victoria Beckham

I wanted you to know the story behind the Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign as it’s been told by the main persons involved. Not only because it’s always good to know what designers have in mind when doing something with their collections, but also because it’s funny and unexpected. Not many are successful in the quest for original especially when having to work with such powerful images.

From my point of view, Marc Jacobs pulled off a genuine “coup de génie”.


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