Sweeten Up Your Sleep With Candy Pillows

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For $55 you can sleep on a candy pillow. Or a chocolate pillow. Or cake pillow. It’s like you were sleeping on your favorite menu from Bonjour Mon Coussin.

I can easily imagine how your sweet dreams turn into living nightmares when sleeping on a pillow like this! And how exhausted you must feel after eating candies all night long. And discovering it was all in your head. All that sweet eating thing, it was just a dream… What would the actual purpose of these pillows be? Subversively messaging your brain to see how fast the suicidal rates can be inflated with just a touch of interior decoration?

Bonjour mon coussin Candy Pillows
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#1 Ann on 04.18.08 at 9:06 am

hey i love your product…, and I buy nerds religiously… Can i get a lifetime supply…hahahha
Do you sell pants with the logo?

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