Chloë Sevigny for UT Uniqlo Project Campaign 2008

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How about some good news about Chloë Sevigny? Missed her? I know I didn’t, however giving that she’s a busy little bee, she gets her tail needle everywhere.

UT Project is a fashion statement initiative originated by Uniqlo, a Japanese (went American) clothing brand. For those of you interested in going global, here’s the info: Uniqlo is a brand of Fast Retailing (among the top 10 speciality apparel retailers worldwide). Fast Retailing means Theory (U.S.), Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse tam.tam (France), and g.u., Cabin, One Zone, Foot Park, View Company, Aspesi (Japan).

Chloe Sevigny UT Project Uniqlo campaign 2008 Tadanobu Asano Black and White Picture

So for their new campaign Chloë Sevigny and Tadanobu Asano will do the face-work. Until now, I’m only able to provide you a single picture of incomprehended Chloë S. This campaign is set to reproduce Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat (both died very young). I can recognize and appreciate Keith Haring’s work (the first picture below). J-M Basquiat’s gives me the creeps (the second picture below)! Totally in the same vibe as Chloë’s sense of fashion! I wouldn’t pick anyone else either!

Keith Haring’s colored Characters
Jean Michel Basquiat painting

Chloë’s back to her modeling self planning to torture us not only with her face/figure/posing but also with some horrifying prints on t-shirts. What happened to good old days when a “Flipper” t-shirt was inspiring enough?
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