The Best Looking Store in the World is Tom Ford’s

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We knew he was a deco-superfreak (remember the 10 years he spend at Gucci that he personally signed, approved and verified all the display windows from all the Gucci stores worldwide?).
Now we have official confirmation that Tom Ford is still Tom Ford, even Gucci-less.
According to “Interior Design” magazine, Tom Ford’s Madison Avenue Store is the Best Looking Store in the World!

Tom Ford Clothing Room Madison Avenue Store Tom Ford Staircase Madison Avenue Store
Tom Ford Madison Avenue Store Tom Ford Living Room Madison Avenue Store

Tom Ford
845 Madison Ave., 212-359-0300
For men content with off-the-rack clothing, the ground floor stocks three-piece suits (from $2,900), dressing gowns, twelve colognes, and dress shirts in 350 colors and three cuff styles. Upstairs (via an ebony staircase or velvet-lined elevator) are the made-to-measure services. In three private rooms, men can customize suits (from $5,000), ties, shirts, shoes, pajamas, tennis shorts, even knit socks. Call ahead to book a private shopping appointment.

I’ll cut short on the details, just know that the store was intended as a residence. The ready to wear is the “living room” from the first floor, the clothing room is a “sitting room”. Upstairs, to the suiting salons, one can get by taking the dramatic oval staircase trimmed with faceted panels of Macassar ebony.

Just imagine private fitting rooms and master tailors, plus! A butler and maid! As Ford said, the store is dedicated to “the kind of sumptuous setting that matches the client’s lifestyle.”


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