All Eyes on Tom Ford

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I would say that Tom Ford “Jennifer” sunglasses were largely the most popular model of sunglasses for 2007.

Since I have a weakness for his doing, I was pleased to conclude that but it brought me to the point of finding the following.

Celebrities Wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses
Seen on various celebrities (from Rose McGowan to Lisa Rinna, from Angelina Jolie to Gwen Stefani), the “Jennifer” were the It sunglasses for 2007.

Easy to match, not to demanding as style or color, the Tom Ford’s sunglasses were beloved all over vip land.

After closely looking through his models because beside the “Jennifer”, some heavy names chose some other Tom Ford eyewear (Christina Aguilera was seen wearing the “Marissa” in Brown Horn, Nicky Hilton showed off a pair of “Whitney”, Elisha Cuthberg with “Margaux”, Lindsay Lohan and “Ford”, Brad Pitt wearing “John”), I asked myself if something was wrong with me, or if in the name of trademark, an overwhelming percentage (let’s say 60%?) of Tom Ford’s sunglasses resemble each other in a striking manner.

Tom Ford Sunglasses
More than that, many of the Tom Ford’s originals look like well known branded models (take for instance the wayfarers which can be found under Tom Ford’s “Cary” or “Jack”, not to mention the world known aviator in Tom Ford’s reediting “Charles” or “Shelby”).

But then again, what’s the use of being original when you’re Tom Ford? It’s not even bad for business since everyone wants and has a piece signed Tom Ford, his design or not.


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