Swarovski Blings The Culture with Opera Glasses Citrine

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Culture’s getting a “let it bling over me” work! I found these Swarovski Opera Glasses and thought that maybe, just maybe, people will be interested in culture if a little bling is involved.

Sad enough, but true! Swarovski had his hands full in this Opera Glasses story – handcrafted, over 1,300 crystals to intensify your night with 3x zoom, 25mm lens and central focusing. You’d even have a velvet pouch and protection for these $300 Opera Glasses.

Swarovski Opera Glasses Citrine

So? Is this going to make your Opera soirée more sparkling? Needed them? Happy they thought of something like this to brighten up your view?
(via metoperafamily)

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#1 Jill on 03.07.08 at 9:32 pm

I always thought that opera binoculars and glasses were glamorous on their own, so making them crystal encrusted is just going to increase that factor.

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