The Gamer’s Dream Outfit

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Any gamer-ladies out there? I’m bringing this to you because the new generation of Xbox consoles has just been launched and set free (a particularly demanding feature within the Xbox had everyone worried and protesting until Microsoft decided to cut its users free and enable them to use the new Xbox, the Xbox One just like we all used the Xbox 360, the previous generation of consoles from Microsoft. This move triggered Sony to release their PlayStation 4 users of the same restraint. Every gamer in the world is celebrating right now!)

So: the Gamer’s Suit, huh? ARAIG by its name, this new and totally revolutionary product addresses every passionate gameplaying individual out there who wants to live the gaming experience at a really personal level. Think of it as the perfectly tailored Tom Ford suit for gamers! We all know about all types of interactive peripherals enhancing the game experience (the responsive chairs and driving wheels for racing games, for instance) but this is really another story altogether! ARAIG could definitely change the way we feel our games, the way every move impacts on the gamer. Talking about the next Virtual Reality generation!

There’s a complete description in the video after the jump (and on the ARAIG’s makers website, kickstarteddotcom , the ARAIG project), so if you’re really interested in this gamers dream come true, hit the jump and press play. I know our boys would be over their heads with excitement…

perfect outfit for a gamer

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