America’s Next Top Model Nigel Barker Judges Macbook Air

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The long awaited and long praised Macbook Air once released it was only natural that we see how judges will received it.

When we’re talking fashion, we have specialist opinions that we value the most, people with experience in the industry or with an eye for style. When talking computers, everyone seems entitle to speak and judge. Using a computer seems to give each and every user a special it degree.

Apple Macbook Air

Nigel Barker, a fashion photographer and America’s Next Top Model judge, was, of course, in his righteous position to declare:

I like the idea of this laptop a lot. I guess slim and skinny is always in. I think the Apple silver look is always really striking. I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have CD/DVD drive. I also think it’s overkill. Skinny is no longer so important; I don’t think everything needs to be that tiny. I think they have gone a bit too far with it and she needs to chunk up a bit. She needs to eat something and put on a DVD drive and some USB ports for her to go to the next round. Eat something, honey.

Nigel Barker Laptop

Now let’s check out the coherence level on Mr Nigel’s declaration – since he likes the idea of this laptop and agrees slim and skinny are on top as always, plus the silver look it’s smashing, what ever makes him change his mind and burn down in flames the Macbook Air? Could it be that after 3 phrases he was told than no matter how much he’ll praise on, he won’t receive one for free?

Our need to evershrink everything around us (well, I guess we could also add a bling to it, it’s not because things are getting smaller that we won’t show them off) pushes to sacrifices. In this case it was the CD/DVD drive. So what then? Well, you still got your USB port to store the data on a portable memory device. Without getting too much into technical details, I’ll just hope something will get to Mr. Jobs and he’ll fed up the Macbook Air so it will pass the next Top Model round for Mr Nigel Barker’s pleasure. Either that, either feed the man himself with a Macbook Air!

Apple Macbook Air Features

How do you feel about your computer? And about the shrinking factor ravaging the tech world?
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#1 Adriana on 03.20.08 at 5:36 am

Lol at your comments on Nigel Barker. About that Apple. My laptop is okay. But I miss my old PC which was able to copie DVD’s etc. I’m slim enough myself though I’m glad these things have slimmed but it goes to far. For me. This one looks fragile to me too. Look at all these small mobiles. They look cute but if you need reading glasses, like I do, I’ve to search for my glasses and my mobile. My old Nokia which I can handle without the reading glasses is far more practical. What to do when it get’s broke? I have tried yet some small very nice looking mobiles……please, please old Nokia, don’t give up on me….

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