Louis Vuitton USB Key

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If you’d ask me how I put up with all that let it bling over me, I’d say it’s just entertainment. Some people like watching stand up comedy, I like watching the latest most-bling-iest products issued.

Of course I have nothing against stand up comedy, au contraire! But looking at all these new sparkling things invading the market just keeps my eyebrows raised. Now it’s the LV USB key.

Louis Vuitton Usb Key Concept

To be honest with you, I came across this thingy-blingy while doing some research for an earlier post about another concept design. The work was said to be experimental, yet I found news about these concept products launch (that never actually happened). Well, I guess that’s the way of the internet…

Louis Vuitton Usb Key Concept Ostrich Leather

So, these concept –LV USB keys are supposedly made from white gold, ostrich leather, satin polished finish, black alligator leather with yellow gold chain and key, diamonds, sapphires, everything point out to a luxurious 40gb memory usb.

Louis Vuitton Usb Key Concept White Gold

If ever a product like this was to be produced, who would really buy it? I imagine it’s not meant for the average computer-consumer, targeting a special kind of e-users. Call me skeptical, but I really can’t see Posh-kind of women or David B. kind of men using usb keys… (I even wonder if they know such devices exist..)

Louis Vuitton Usb Key White Gold

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