The Diamond Christmas Tree

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We know it’s not one of our usual posts, but we couldn’t keep this for ourselves : a Christmas Tree with 400 Diamonds! That’s not a joke, not even a fairytale, it’s a real sale object in the Takashima Department Store in Tokyo. The mini Christmas Tree is made from preserved roses embellished with 100 carats diamonds from Australia and Southern Africa and its price is 200.7 million yen (app. 1.8 million $) and the little Red Teddy Bear comes along for this price too.

diamond christmas tree 3 diamond christmas tree diamond christmas tree 2

The Diamond Christmas Tree is signed by Parisian flower boutique Claude Quinquaud.

article presse claude quinquaud bouquet quinquaud bouquet classique

What do you think? Uber snob? Or uber Christmas?

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#1 e.varden on 02.10.08 at 10:26 pm

Diamonds shmiamonds. In Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre this Christmas was a forty-foot tree embelleshed with what I thought at first were teeny laser-flashers.

No, they were thousands of Swarovski crystals pulsing brilliantly as the tree slowly rotated.

I, like other peons looking for gifties-within-the-budget were entranced. Bedazzled, we were.

Maybe three? Would they look sparkly in the loo-window?


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