VIP Out and About Lacoste

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For every woman, being a mother equals being an accomplished woman. For those of you who didn’t found the out and about long hours with your baby enough reason to close that so very stylish dressing door and throw away the key, there’s some good fashion news from Maclaren : the Lacoste Stroller!

maclaren lacoste lacoste baby set maclaren stroller 2

Built like every other Maclaren Stroller, the Lacoste Stroller is as light and user friendly as all others (lightweight (14lbs), one hand fold, multiposition seat, spacious storage basket, adjustable leg rest). The good news don’t stop here: when purchased, the Maclaren Lacoste Stroller, comes with an original Lacoste polo t-shirt and a Lacoste baby cap to protect your little angel from the sun.

maclaren life’s a bed of roses lulu guiness maclaren biarritz kate spade

Let’s not forget about the previous collections : Maclaren Lulu Guiness or Maclaren Kate Spade that already made some fans – Michelle Williams out and about with Matilda in Maclaren Kate Spade, Heidi Klum’s babies in a double Lulu Guiness Maclaren.

michelle williams maclaren kate spade heidi klum maclaren lulu guiness

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