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In searching for news about these days controversial Marc Jacobs monogramouflage and hoping to get an idea about it, I found a clip of the... Read More

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Dinner? Step into my Posche…Kitchen!
Keen on fast design and have an extra $40,000? A Porsche Kitchen is your answer to everything! Porsche Poggenphol P’7340 (you’d expect a tuned car,... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage with Takashi Murakami
We’re getting closer to the new “monogramouflage” announced by Louis Vuitton. The Brooklyn Museum has uploaded the shop items for the Murakami exhibition during which... Read More

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Will Broome Topshop Collection
After the Kate Moss fiasco, my heart trembled with joy awaiting the 20th of April when Will Broome Collection for Topshop gets officially launched. Of... Read More

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The Versace Helicopter is Airborne
I think this little article is most likely to be found under “money flies” category. Versace celebrates for yet another reason, other than launching a... Read More

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The Mattress Shaped Like the Human Body
I wonder if sleeping in a normal bed, with a normal mattress makes me dream about finding my car banged up pretty bad in the... Read More

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Life After People in Pictures and Videos
We aren’t immortals. And down there inside, we all admit it. And our everexpanding ego pushes us to makings that will outlast us. Well, what... Read More

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Chloë Sevigny for UT Uniqlo Project Campaign 2008
How about some good news about Chloë Sevigny? Missed her? I know I didn’t, however giving that she’s a busy little bee, she gets her... Read More

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