Kathleen Dustin’s Original Evening Bags Too Daring?

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Kathleen Dustin beats Prada’s Trembled Blossoms by far! Working with polimer, taming her artistic visions and an unknown material, Kathleen Dustin has managed some impressive work.

Inspired by life and nature facts, she artfully sculpted functionality:
“Your life is enhanced because it´s wonderful to carry beautiful things around with you and use them. And that is what I want my creations to do.”

Kathleen Dustin Handbags

We’re talking handbags! Even if I look at these creations and say I couldn’t ever, bound to the practical side of the handbag, I can’t dismiss art just because it looks unusual.

Kathleen Dustin Original Handbags

Artist are gifted in ways I wasn’t (or maybe I didn’t discovered it yet) and their gift manifestation is a continuous reason to wonder why them and how do they do it?

Kathleen Dustin Strange Shaped Handbags

Kathleen is a nomad artist, a professional with an errant career, permitting her vision and life to inherit bits and pieces from every place she visits. Her creations are made of colored polymer, with carefully appliqué techniques so they’ll proudly match a special occasion.
I know they look daring (and somehow weirdest ever) but could you wear one of these creations as a proper handbag?
(via kathleendustin)


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