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Bright Up Your Living Room in Style
It’s breathtakingly beautiful what designers can accomplish these days! This Chandelier is wearing Buro Vormkrijgers signature and it comes to join two more lamps that... Read More

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Eau Couture by Lacroix
The french producer of mineral water Evian is on a creative spree. After showing his Palace Bottle with the pourer and the Palace Coaster that... Read More

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Fashionable Skull Candy
The skull mania is NOT over! For holidays, we have these stylish chocolate candies from Douglas Little who has worked with confectioner Valerie Gordon to... Read More

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Holiday Delight
The Chocolate Toy Shop isn’t only pleasant for the eye – the toy shop is lovingly hand-made using fine chocolate and the highest quality ingredients.... Read More

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The First Playboy Cartoon – Christmas Present of the Day
The First Playboy Cartoon is on the market (auctioned off by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas the 12th of december 07). The first Playboy cartoon... Read More

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Fashionable Biodegradable Tattoo
Seems that we’re taking things to another level with a company that produces biodegradable ink! We won’t get into details, just know this: if you... Read More

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