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Architectural Digest Shows Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris Apartment
After we’ve seen pictures from Lagerfeld’s New York Apartment (which is for sale, but nevertheless, it was der Kaiser’s apartment for a while), we now... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Home. New York Apartment
We talked about Karl Lagerfeld and his home habits the other day. We even saw what Lagerfeld’s bathroom looks like (now I know what real... Read More

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McQueen Film For Selfridges The Film Project Plus Michael Pitt Film With Jamie Bochert
The majestic couture of Alexander McQueen’s designs makes the object of a new short film. The Film Project is a Selfridges initiative, started by the... Read More

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Carine Roitfeld & Karl Lagerfeld Book: The Little Black Jacket
For Carine Roitfeld, a book and a fashion magazine story are pretty much the same thing. And she corrupted Karl Lagerfeld with her way of... Read More

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What Would Catwoman Wear?
Well, Rick Owens, biensur! What a question! Catwoman and Rick Owens could definitely be a match made in couture action heaven! In the light of... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Tired Of Fashion Week, Designs Stamps
We all know Karl Lagerfeld is tireless and when it comes to plastering his name allover the place, he’s quicker than all the Kardashians put... Read More

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Fashion Coffee Table Book: Isabel Toledo Roots Of Style
Every now and then, I dream about a new coffee table book – one that’s exuding style and fashion elegance, just like we do! (blush)... Read More

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Is This Jourdan Dunn’s Tattoo?
Michael Kors catwalk was perfect, the collection in itself was charming, there was just one flaw to it! (yes, I’m aware how that sounds after... Read More

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