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Daphne Guinness’ Fancy New York Apartment
I was thinking about a St Patrick’s Day celebratory moment here. And what do you know, I found just the thing! More so, since I... Read More

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Vidal Sassoon’s Home
I’m on a nesting spree lately and, like many others, take the paper crafting trend very seriously. The trouble with paper crafting is, that you... Read More

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Original Desk Style
There’s a little interesting desk making the rounds of the interwebs for a while now. I remember finding something similar for Christmas (a Christmas Tree,... Read More

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New Disney Dream Portraits By Annie Leibovitz Queen Latifah, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Bridges
Remember the last time we talked about Disney legends and the amazing Annie Leibovitz photography? It’s that time again and we’re having the great opportunity... Read More

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Prada Real Fantasies. The Short Psychedelic Film
There’s a new fashion short film in town! You must see it! No, it’s not that good. None of them is. But it’s the new... Read More

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Gemma Ward, 2011
If you’re asking what happened with Gemma Ward, where is she now and, most importantly, how is she, then know she’s just fine, promoting the... Read More

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Party In Wonderland Style!
With Spring just around the corner (I wish!), the season of gardens parties is a blink away! I found this amazingly inspiring pictorial from a... Read More

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Diane Von Furstenberg’s Home Collection
I’m in an interior decoration mood these days so I couldn’t have missed Diane Von Furstenberg‘s presentation of her home collection. Beautiful plates, bakeware and... Read More

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