Michael Kiwanuka Rest

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How was your weekend, my lovelies? I tried to keep it quiet and safe, regardless of the obviously loud St Pat celebrations. I mostly dreamed of heavenly shoes and pretty nails, enjoyed some family time and squeezed in some dancing classes with my sweet precious little princess.

Rest‘ is the song I’ve been obsessing about this weekend – I’m actually having a real weakness for Michael Kiwanuka’s soulful music. You may remember I brought him up a couple of months ago, with yet another lovely piece of music? So if you’re feeling up for a nice, peaceful tune, just hit the jump and let it flow!

Michael Kiwanuka and his guitar

What are your plans for this new week and how do you get in tune after the weekend? Where do you scout for inspiration and where do you look for a breathe of fresh air? I think I’m going through a shoes moment right now, so you may see me bringing some heels to your attention these days. Fair warning! Maybe throw in some magazines for discussion as well?

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