4 Nail Art Trends To Follow: NCLA Nail Wraps Celebrity Collection

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As it happens, I just rekindled one of my hobbies for a while now: nail art. And judging by the latest convictions of the fashion populations, I have high hopes of not being expelled with a mom-manicure label as I’m hopeless about my haircut not being called mom-hair.

Covering the latest nails happenings, you also heard me talking about NCLA Nail Wraps – the newest fashion in nail art. Wrapping one’s nails in colored, printed foil has spawned new, endless possibilities for those of us who lack the time, the patience or the art proficiency to make real nail art happen on our personal nails.

As such, the commercial success of the NCLA Nail Wraps was unbelievably huge and now the nice people from NCLA are just capitalizing on it with a new collection created by celebrity nail stylist for their celebrity clients. And for us.

Latest nail fashion NCLA nail wraps celebrities style

Nail stylist like Jenna Hipp (who’s in charge of Miley Cyrus and Lea Michele’s manicures), Madeline Poole (who’s doing Kate Bosworth and Kelly Osbourne’s nails) or Steph Stone (responsible for Drew Barrymore’s nails) have reportedly teamed up with NCLA for a limited edition Designer Nail Wraps in four different prints: Galaxy nails, French Brocade Flowers nails, Halfmoon beige nails, Neon Gradient Rainbow nails.

latest nails trends Brocade Nail Art vs NCLA nail wraps

Now that you’ve seen the wraps, wouldn’t you love to see the real deal? Real nail art beating the commercial foil prints? I just love freehand nail art, I love its flaws and imperfections, there’s so much more personality in a brush stroke than in an entire shelf of nail wraps. Are you with me on that one? Would you, have you already tried the joys of nail art?

latest nails trends Gradient Rainbow nails vs NCLA nail wraps

latest nails trends Galaxy Nail art vs NCLA nail wraps

latest nails trends gradient halfmoon nails vs NCLA nail wraps

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#1 Appollonia on 03.16.13 at 10:40 am

Sighs, the black nails with roses……I wish I knew a great and also affordable art manicurist….I would see her or him every week!!

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