Focus On Trendy Accessories: Charlotte Olympia Spring 2013

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Last week we talked about her famous sister, now let’s see what the lucrative and very sought-after Charlotte Olympia has been up to. If you’re trying to look back and see who’s the famous sister I was mentioning, and can’t really put your finger on it/her, it may be because I haven’t mentioned the shoes designer’s entire name: it’s Dellal. Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Ringing any bells already?

So you see, our fashion world is dominated by the talented people who worked hard to show their abilities and who struggled with determination to put their family’s wealth to good use. Charlotte Olympia is one of those labels everyone wants to wear. Shoes or accessories, the good fashion people love a piece of Charlotte Olympia’s signature spider web logoed creations. And, honestly, looking at her Spring 2013 collection, I would love some of those pretty creations myself!

Charlotte Olympia Spring 2013

Be it a shopper, a witty clutch or a sleek high heeled sandal, there’s something for everyone’s fancy in the new design offerings from British trendy shoemaker extraordinaire, Charlotte Olympia Dellal. But you know what I’d love the most? If shoe designers, especially the high caliber ones, would offer a test-drive of their fancy shoes. Although I’m convinced there are people who would buy, like the French say ‘a l’aveugle’, blindly, because of the label or whatever else flights their fancy, I’d like to give them bespoke shoes a test-run to see how they fit my stature&port. I’ve had one too many badly constructed shoes already, I wouldn’t mind paying extra just to be sure it’s the right fit.

Charlotte Olympia Sandals Spring 2013

How do you test your shoes? Do you generally remain faithful to a certain brand if it had offered you the proper comfort in shoes past? What will you be wearing this spring? High heels, platforms or flats? I would love to wear these high heels with cuffed up casual jeans, a loose tee or an oversized shirt for casual weekday rounds in the big city, kind of my uniform. What’s your daily casual uniform? Curious much, huh?

Charlotte Olympia Shoes Spring 2013

Charlotte Olympia black gold sandals Spring 2013

Charlotte Olympia flats Spring 2013

Charlotte Olympia clutch Spring 2013

Charlotte Olympia shopper bag Spring 2013

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