For St Patrick’s Day, Saoirse Ronan Is Dazed And Confused April 2013

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With The Host release just around the corner, both Saoirse Ronan and Diane Kruger became editorial material. Not that they weren’t (editorial-worthy) to begin with, but when you’re part of a movie project like this one, it’s more likely that people find your ten times more interesting than before.

The Host is expected to reach similar popularity levels as Twilight since they were both originally spawned by the same author and target pretty much the same audience. But! (needless to say: tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day and this particular cover girl is Irish!) Saoirse is such an interesting material to work with: both fashion-wise and movie-wise, I can see why they kept it all minimal in her pictorial (although I keep looking for the shamrock to pop on one of them pages)!

Saoirse Ronan Dazed and Confused April 2013 cover

Signed by Rankin and styled by Cathy Edwards with hair by Raphael Salley, makeup by Ayami Nishimura and nails by Zarra Celik, Saoirse is beyond elf-pale. She’s after the statue-pale mark although so many wonderful and colorful things can be done with her! I can’t bring myself to really think that The Host will be all that powerful as to justify an entire aesthetic approach in magazine spreads! But where there’s a contract…

Saoirse Ronan by Rankin Dazed and Confused April 2013

Saoirse Ronan Dazed and Confused April 2013

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