Charlize Theron’s Golden Globes Look Costs $8,079,905

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Remember I was head over heels with Charlize Theron’s Red Carpet appearance at the 2012 edition of the Golden Globes? Now my head is actually spinning from that very look after doing the math of it! The Dior dress and the Dior bag were about $50,000 (loan from Dior) and the Cartier jewelry loaned for the occasion totaled a crazy amount: $8,026,525! I’m speechless!

Charlize Theron s 2012 Golden Globes look worth 8 Million


#1 Riana on 02.01.12 at 1:14 pm

My head is still spinning from the article “The Celebrity Economy: Fame pays. But it costs a fortune” as I read it at the NY Times website.
Outstanding but also disenchanting report or how the wealthy celebrities collect their money. This is just one view. Reading more left me more than speechless….

#2 Titian on 02.01.12 at 7:00 pm

“Because she’s worth it” !

#3 Riana on 02.02.12 at 6:33 am


But…anyone should read the article I’d mention where this is just a small piece of. How speechless were you having read the article Kpriss? I believe my jaw was somewhere on my lap while reading it….still is….let’s pick it up since I look so foolish…….

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