Cate Blanchett’s Golden Alexander McQueen Dress For 2012 AACTA Awards

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We interrupt our usually stylish program to deliver you a piece of fashion heaven and crushing style lesson as served royally by Cate Blanchett!

As you well know, I’m a huge admirer of Cate Blanchett, who, each and every single time I see her, seems to be glowing from within. And that, my daahlings, is something we should all try. At least once. So here’s Cate wearing a golden Alexander McQueen dress from the Spring Summer 2012 collection. Yet another proof that not anyone can pull a certain outfit and that not anyone can wear a dress instead of being worn by the dress in question. I’m overwhelmed! (Cate Blanchett was attending the 2012 edition of the AACTA – Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, Sydney, Tuesday, January 31)

Cate Blanchett golden Alexander McQueen dress 2012 AACTA Awards

If you’re rooting for a similar look, these a some dressy golden options you can consider:

Flattering Cate’s flawless complexion and adding yet another aura of perfection to Cate Blanchett’s usual radiance, the McQueen dress was worn sans the wide belt accentuating the waist on the catwalk model. But it goes perfectly even so (better, dare I observe)!

Cate Blanchett McQueen golden dress SS12 AACTA Awards

It’s hardly the first time Cate chose to wear one of Alexander McQueen’s designs (or better, his brilliant successor’s, Sarah Burton) and one of my favorites is by far the dress she personally handpicked for Cannes. Premiering her Robin Hood movie in 2010, Cate was stunning and her black gown with white tulle underskirt was simply amazing! For the 2008 premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, yet another golden sparkling McQueen gown looked fantastic on Cate while in 2013, she chose a draped black and white McQueen dress.

Cate Blanchett wearing Alexander McQueen dresses various events


#1 Madison Chua on 02.01.12 at 6:25 am

Love the top and love the gorgeous colour. Absolutely divine. I just wish the bottom half is smooth and flat. It looks wonky now with that rippling effect. Yet the model version is nice and flat. Why huh? Did someone forget to steam the dress for our Queen Blanchett? The makeup and hair is stunning, as usual.

#2 Ellington on 02.01.12 at 12:51 pm

It does not look like a two piece outfit, but rather a dress.
Cate looks stellar as always! : )

#3 Riana on 02.01.12 at 1:22 pm

Madison Chua, it is possible the fabric rippled while Cate sat in the car that drove her to the AACTA Award show? That’s what it looks like to me.

It’s beautiful but that woman looks great in a bin liner.
Cate wears a dress but the model wear a two piece I believe. Two visions on the same design methinks. I like both.

#4 charla on 02.05.12 at 10:29 am

Cate is such a talented, and rare beauty. She looks great in the McQueen gown, although I agree that the hem looks sloppy and the length is unflattering; drop it to the floor. She looks gorgeous in gold as it compliments her porcelain skin…but who the hell let her walk the carpet wrinkled she’s deserves better than that!

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