Dare To Wear Owlita Feathered Jewelry?

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Something about big earrings always draws me like the butterfly towards the flame. I love big, enormous earrings! I also wish I could wear them safely instead of having a toddler hanging on each of my precious big earrings if ever I dare the devil and wear some.

Getting back to the point: I desperately need myself an impossibly big pair of earrings and I think these Owlita feathered earrings could do just the trick! (hit the jump for more details)

Owlita feathers earrings

Owlita earrings are designed by Ashley Doty, a crafty art passionate who started all this feathered madness like a hobby and then went pro because, well.. everybody loved her earrings! What directed her towards feathers? She had an owl in the tree next to her bedroom window. Hello feathers! She roots her inspiration in her own Oregon backyard and now even the great Erykah Badu sports her earrings (not to mention Kim Cattrall in SATC2)!

Owlita earrings

I’m having troubles deciding whether these particular Owlita earrings could be a good match for my curly hair (usually tamed with a handful of hairpins and a big headband) or if I should just wait for straighter, more Mohawk-ish times like the girl in the first images. What say you? Would you dare to wear Owlita jewelry? (via)

Owlita long feathered earrings

Owlita Jersey necklace 1 Owlita Jersey necklace 2 Owlita Jersey necklace 3


#1 deka on 06.03.10 at 11:23 pm

i LOVE them!! so bold and beautiful

#2 Luly on 06.05.10 at 11:43 am

I would definitely wear it…love all of them

#3 jahanara on 08.15.10 at 4:51 am

Wow I love earrings

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