Fold It Like Hermes: Hermes Folding Travel Belt

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Now if you’ve seen the Hermes Ties travel case yesterday, you’re gonna love this! Hermes is keen on traveling. And today they’ll teach us the value of having a voyage-ready belt.

Though I have absolutely no issue when dealing with classically-roundshaped packed belts, it seems the Luxury people have a completely different perspective on packing. Much to my surprise, Hermes‘ source of inspiration seems to have been the plumber’s rule – if I hadn’t knew this was a Hermes Folding Travel Belt, I would’ve sworn it was a mighty impractical plumber’s rule (no gradations, nada). Please note that the new folding perspective is labeled with a $708 price tag! Innovations don’t come cheap, do they? (via)

Hermes Folding belt

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