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Hip Sunglasses from IVI and HUF
Now that officially hipsters have been declared as extinct as dinosaurs and more annoying than Psy doing his Homer Simpson inspired dance, how about we... Read More

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Feeling Too Pretty Today? How About Quitting Your Job?
Or write a book. Like Laura Fernee here who just felt too pretty to go to work! When I first read the titles my eyes... Read More

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Blake Lively Cooks: Elettra’s Goodness
There’s a new fashion in fashion. (did that came out odd? But it’s true, believe me!) Remember that foodie magazine with Karlie Kloss on the... Read More

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Wear Your Message, Dance Your Words: Puma Dance Dictionary
Dancing has always been a part of my life. Not in a professional way, though. I just felt it. I felt like dancing. And danced.... Read More

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The House Of Haagen Dazs Proudly Presents Bradley Cooper And His Spoon! Wait, What?
My dahlings: how familiar are you with Häagen-Dazs and its otherworldly flavored ice cream? I can’t really add words to that name to describe the... Read More

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Angelina Jolie Vs. Cancer: Proactive Double Mastectomy
Although I used to follow news about Angelina Jolie and her life choices on a daily basis (read nearly obsessive), I was really surprised by... Read More

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World’s Hottest Supermodel According To Vogue US June 2013: Kate Upton
That’s disputable, honestly. But if a fashion entity such as Vogue is claiming that not only they found the hottest model on Earth, but that... Read More

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Dior New Secret Ad Campaign Looks Poetic And Beautiful
Everyone knows: you just can’t sell if you’re not pushing your merchandise. And what better way to push it than through a spectacular advertising approach?... Read More

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