Dior New Secret Ad Campaign Looks Poetic And Beautiful

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Everyone knows: you just can’t sell if you’re not pushing your merchandise. And what better way to push it than through a spectacular advertising approach? Raf Simons has his special ways with the Christian Dior maison and I think it’s daylight clear by now that everybody loves his approach. It’s very fashion. Straight forward but very chic.

As such, his latest ‘Secret Garden’ ad project gathered a round 8-figures number of views and I’m guessing the following one, set for release on June 1st, will also break some youtube views barriers. Because everyone loves a good secret, everyone loves a good garden and everyone ‘adore’ Dior. The new ad looks like this:

Christian Dior Secret Garden 2 Ad campaign

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh in the legendary garden of Versailles with no less than 10 models and even replicating a Manet painting. Everything looks surreal, poetic and highly appealing, even though the mist. Because everyone knows that Photoshop is the very peak of romanticism or any other mood. All you need is ask, wire the right amount and the perfect mood is installed. In a stroke of filter.

Christian Dior Secret Garden 2 ad campaign by Inez and Vinoodh

Secret Garden 2 – Versailles. Soon on a computer screen near you, ready to break YouTube’s views records. In the name of fashion! (below the original Secret, the one that reads appx 18Million views momentarily)

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