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Sugarpova, Maria Sharapova’s Sweet Style
Now that she’s ranked no. 2 in the world, Maria Sharapova is stepping up her fame game by launching her sweets brand: Sugarpova. Now I... Read More

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What Diet Meal Plan Works For You? Let Tracy Anderson Cater It!
Talking about Gwyneth Paltrow without thinking about Tracy Anderson has become nearly impossible lately as both ladies keep showing how much they have in common... Read More

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Blake Lively Cooks: Elettra’s Goodness
There’s a new fashion in fashion. (did that came out odd? But it’s true, believe me!) Remember that foodie magazine with Karlie Kloss on the... Read More

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Skinny Healthy Eating: Salad Dressing Revolutionary Tool
It’s that wonderful season again when fresh garden vegetables make it into every meal of the day with their mad scents and crazy beautiful colors... Read More

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Would You Buy A Food Magazine Promoted&Covered By Karlie Kloss?
I know, I know, I’m usually not here to judge, but you know how everything is image-related nowadays and remembering the reactions Karlie Kloss provoked... Read More

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All-Time Best Super Bowl Commercial: Fashionista Daddy
This is a fantastic commercial that costs $300 to make. And it was just shown during the Super Bowl commercial break! When CBS is charging... Read More

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What Models Eat: Jourdan Dunn’s Cooking Show
People say that Jourdan Dunn is a very witty, funny person. I have yet to discover that (wink) since I don’t know her in person... Read More

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What Models Eat: Jessica Stam’s Healthy Backstage Snacks!
Hello gorgeous! Don’t you just love Fashion Week talk? It always revolves around models, amazing clothes & accessories, great designers! What’s not to like, really?... Read More

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