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Jessica Simpson’s Price Of Beauty
The new reality show (it’s still in the works), called The Price of Beauty has helped Jess discover something new about herself (apparently). She recently... Read More

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Modern Jurassic Style
Didn’t you used to watch the skies and try to identify familiar shapes in the walking clouds? Well, while some of us still do that,... Read More

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Versace Is Not For The Plus Size
If you’re the proud wearer of a plus-10 size, don’t get your hopes on wearing Versace one day! Donatella said it won’t happen. The Versace... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Mothers Are Fat, Eating Chips, Watching TV
It is of no little knowing that Karl Lagerfeld nor he likes children or wishes any. It is also of very notorious acknowledgement that Karl... Read More

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Must Read: The Book Of Tyra
I have to let you in on a little reading from the Book of Tyra. Fun, witty reading about your tireless Tyra Banks, America’s Next... Read More

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Yo! I’m Really Happy For You And I’mma Let You Finish, But…
And then Kanye happened! You know, Kanye West, singer extraordinaire and designer hors pair happened to the VMAs! Ever since, our Chuck Norris popular esteem... Read More

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Madonna’s Workout
Gathering material for W’s Uma October Issue brought me to some archive pictures with Madonna. From April 2003, W Magazine. Also photographed by Steven Klein.... Read More

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It’s not your usual style talk, however, let me take this opportunity to bless you with a perfect example of wisdom. Children style. Biker Style!... Read More

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