The World According To Karl, The Ultimate Wisdom Book!

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Over the years, we talked about the memorable lines Karl Lagerfeld keeps us entertained with, so it’s not really a surprise to see that there were so many quotes to make an entire book! A regular, conventional book sampling der Kaiser’s unparalleled wisdom.

The name of the book itself is highly appropriate, describing in just a single line, the entire philosophy of the book: ‘The World According to Karl‘. Published by Flammarion and, according to wwd, in total accord with Karl whose website features regular lines from the famous pensive designer. 80 illustrations from Charles Ameline accompany the book, and, I suspect, a few good shots of the already famous Choupette, the new recipient of all of Karl’s love, tenderness and commitment!

What? have you not hear the one where he said he wanted to marry his cat? (he didn’t say that once about his former existential pet, Baptiste… What’s next, Karl, a video, a musical album for Choupette?)

Karl Lagerfeld book The World According to Karl

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