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15 Lovely Pink Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day. And More
Yes, I’m well aware of my pink obsession. And yes, I’m also fully conscious that you’ve been given a fair warning regarding my penchant for... Read More

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Bella Swan’s Jewelry Now At Bed Bath & Beyond!
If you’re looking for a very Twilight Christmas present, look no further than Bed Bath & Beyond. Because that’s where you’ll find Bella Swan’s engagement... Read More

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Would You Buy The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Doll?
We covered the unusually addictive topic of Barbie Collector dolls in the past, so this isn’t so surprising after all. A new Elizabeth Taylor Barbie... Read More

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Best Gift For Little Girls This Christmas
You know I have a serious weak spot for anything and everything Pixar. Actually, when the yearly Pixar project comes out, it’s pretty much a... Read More

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You’ll Need This Christmas: Poketo’s Winnie The Pooh Wallets
If I would have to pick a Disney classic cartoon I really treasure and always encourage our kids to watch is: Winnie the Pooh and... Read More

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Dare To Wear The USB Bracelet And Necklace?
I have an idea: why not make it a quick – finds Friday? I keep stumbling across amazing things on the interwebs each and every... Read More

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Angelina Jolie Has A New Watch. Maddox Has A New Bike!
Ever since Fight Club (did I already tell you how much I loved that movie? In fact, I think it’s the only movie I can... Read More

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Blancpain Saint Valentin Chronograph
If you think that declaring your love and loving with all your heart just isn’t enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore, something otherworldly special may... Read More

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