You’ll Need This Christmas: Poketo’s Winnie The Pooh Wallets

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If I would have to pick a Disney classic cartoon I really treasure and always encourage our kids to watch is: Winnie the Pooh and his stories from the 100 Acre Woods. They never fail to touch my heart or make my eyes misty. Winnie and his friends just have this way…

Oh, well, I won’t tell you to watch Disney cartoons now, will I? although… But here’s what you can do: check out Poketo’s amazing Winnie the Pooh wallets collection made in collaboration with six original artists. You’ll love the beautiful, colorful wallets (and so will your kids or any other Winnie fan you know!) You can take a look at them after the jump – in the gallery – or check them out in Poketo’s store here.

Winnie the Pooh wallets Poketo

great wallet Winnie the Pooh 100 Acre Woods map Disney s Winnie Wallet Poketo special edition beautiful Winnie Wallet Poketo

Winnie the Pooh and friends Poketo wallet retro Winnie Poketo wallet

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