Angelina Jolie Has A New Watch. Maddox Has A New Bike!

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Ever since Fight Club (did I already tell you how much I loved that movie? In fact, I think it’s the only movie I can think of that is way better than the book it’s based on), there’s this “meme” question: “What Would Tyler Durden Do?”. And in our case, it’s really becoming. Since Brad Pitt was Tyler Durden. In the said Fight Club.

So, extrapolating, What Would Brad Pitt Buy? For his beloved, Angelina Jolie? One of the world’s most expensive watches. Because she’s one of the world most beautiful women, duh! (click through to read the rest)

Brad Pitt s gift for Angelina

Just the other day, the British journalists from The Sun, reported that Angelina Jolie has received a Patek Philippe Minute Repeater from her fiancé, Brad Pitt. The Swiss watch is among the most expensive timepieces in the world, worth $370,000 and it chimes like Big Ben (oh, and it’s like the Birkin of watches – there’s a two years waiting list for that watch!). The watch is a surprise pre – wedding gift, they said.

Angelina Jolie s Watch Patek Philippe

But it doesn’t end here! Brad Pitt is in a shopping mood as he just bought a Suzuki DRZ – 125 motorbike for his son, Maddox. The motorbike, which is a model designed especially for young riders such as Maddox, was a present for the boy’s 11th birthday (August 5th). The reporters from New York Daily News suggested that this is Brad trying to pass on his love for motorbikes onto his eldest son. Not that the boy’s mother, Angelina, would be any stranger to bikes (wink).

Brad Pitt s motorcycle for son Maddox

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