Louboutin’s Yoze Kubrik Platform Pumps – Christmas Present of the Day

Yoze Kubrik Platform Pumps Christian LouboutinJust take a look at these beauties! Don’t you feel like touching them? Like absolutely having them (well, for about 1.165 $ you could have them)? These shimmering peep toes by Christian Louboutin covered in mirror sequins with an intricate network of bronze wire anchors with the Louboutin signature red leather sole. It seems that Louboutin’s secretary was painting her nails with a Chanel fire red polish (hm.. what about that, girls? Manicure at work?). Meanwhile, Louboutin was stressed about a shoe he just made and seemed to be missing something. Spotting his secretary, he snatched the Chanel Polish and painted the sole of the very shoe he was wondering about.

Mariah Carey’s M Fragrance

mariah carey m perfume addElizabeth Arden and songstress Mariah Carey launched a new perfume at Macy’s : M by Mariah Carey. The Fragrance has three top notes : maroccan incense, the living tahitian tiare flower and … marshmallow .. Or to be exact, M by Mariah Carey smells like s’mores bottled in a purple butterfly embellished bottle.m by mariah carey fragrance elizabeth arden

The prognosis for Elizabeth Arden is very optimistic regarding Mariah Carey’s fragrance. They believe that the hitsmashing song bird will sell wonderfully and boost Elizabeth Arden’s profits. We’ll see about that. Anyway, if you’ve tried it, please let us know if it really smells like s’mores!


Cut it! The latest trend in hairstyle is short! Or at least shortER than before. It’s just me, or Victoria Beckham set this trend with her short hairdo? And then the bob, of course… even if that’s not in 2007/08 hairstyle trend, the bob remains. Feminine and edgy, makes us feel awesome (and flatirons addicted!). Check out these new hairstyles for Elisha Cuthberg, Eve, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and give us some feedback : long? Short?

eve haircut elisha cuthberg haircut

naomi campbell haircut kylie minogue haircut victoria beckham haircut blonde

Pointing Out in Style

chloe golden sphere pointy flats sienna millerWe were all into platforms, high heels but then flats came around. And made a statement in comfort! We love them! Easy to wear, easy to live with, easy to match! They just fill in perfectly! chloe golden sphere point flats sienna miller Now flats are going pointy! Lately we have to admit, our leading celebrities in style proposed pointed flats (here Sienna Miller with Chloe).

Now we propose a few models for your eyes only : Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, Sergio Rossi, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs line up our guilty pleasures.

What do you think?

alexander mcqueen pointed flats marc jacobs pointed flats
ferragamo pointy flats stuart weitzman pointed flats sergio rossi pointed flats

(White) Holidays are coming!

Since we’re into the Spirit and all, here to present you some of our celebrities that took the Snow-White Christmas much to seriously :Liv Tyler and Mary-Kate Olsen, not to mention Carrie Underwood !

carrie underwood mary kate olsen liv taylor

And if it’s not the White Christmas Spirit, then it must be the humble spirit that’s taken them all! Or something to do with late-Halloween costumes? Seems like everybody’s got an urge to be an waitress! Here’s Sienna Miller, Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell to bear that one sacred desire:

sienna miller hayden panettiere kristen bell

Who are we to judge? It’s just our eyes get tired of all that i’m-so-not-original and all that i’m-famous-so-i-can-put-a-sack-on-and-still-look-fabulous!

Stylish From Tip to Toes!

And we thought that was all fuss and worries and lots and lots of money! Well, here’s Po-Zu to prove us wrong! PO-ZU’s Coconut Shoe Cream is an unusual product which cleans and polishes your shoes like a traditional shoe cream but without any toxins and is ‘edible’! The coconut oil used to make PO-ZU edible shoe cream retains its white color, light texture, and its mild taste and fresh scent. It is the best quality coconut oil around, and it’s made from organic, cold-pressed coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized.
all in one shoe polish po-zu
‘We didn’t set out to create a shoe cream that was edible but we wanted it to be as pure as our shoes,’ explained founder Sven Segal. ‘As our shoe bases and shoe boxes are made from parts of the coconut, coconut oil was the obvious choice for the cream. Its versatility means it’s a great product to travel with.’ Meet the ‘Swiss Army knife of cosmetics’!

That’s gotta be The Green Christmas or not at all!

The First Playboy Cartoon – Christmas Present of the Day

The First Playboy Cartoon is on the market (auctioned off by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas the 12th of december 07). The first Playboy cartoon made in 1953 by Ben Denison measuring approximately 11″x 8-1/2″ estimated at 12-18.000 $.

the first playboy cartoon

We’re not trying to make any suggestions here, if not that Mr. Hugh. M. Hefner built a world-wide cultural phenomenon with Playboy the first playboy magazine magazine, and an integral part of the magazine’s success was due to its smart and sexy cartoon illustrations, originally hand-picked by Mr. Hefner himself. “Ben Denison’s was the very first cartoon commissioned and published by Hefner in the pages of Playboy #1, the December 1953 debut often dubbed the ‘Marilyn Monroe issue.’ This was the cartoon that set the stage for all that followed, and as such, it holds a hallowed place both in Playboy lore and cartoon history.” said Ed Jaster, Heritage Auctions Vice President. The gouache on illustration board illustration has an image area that measures approximately 11″ x 8-1/2″; the somewhat risqué, and yet charmingly innocent, punch line asks, “Jeannie – what’s the past tense of ‘virgin’?” So was set a winning formula for the editorial direction of Playboy!

So, by this post we’re not saying you should buy this picture for your men! But for art purposes! It looks beautiful, it has such history and it would be great on the wall of a very stylish home, don’t you think?

The 2007 American Music Awards Red Carpet

We’ll give you the winners and then the breathtaking red carpet appearences and we’ll judge together.

Justin Timberlake (pop/rock male artist), Fergie (pop/rock female artist), Nickelback (pop/rock band), “Daughtry” (Daughtry) (album), Tim McGraw (country male artist), Carrie Underwood (country female artist), Rascal Flatts (country band), “Some Hearts” Carrie Underwood (country album), Akon (soul/r’n’b male artist), Rihanna (soul/r’n’b female artist), “FutureSex/Love Sounds” Justin Timberlake (soul/r’n’b album), T.I. (rap/hip hop male artist), Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (rap/hip hop band), “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” (T.I.) (rap/hip hop album), Daughtry (adult contemporary artist), Linkin Park (alternative artist), Jennifer Lopez (latin artist), Casting Crowns (contemporary inspirational artist), “High School Musical 2” (soundtracks album), Daughtry (breaktrough new artist), T-Mobile Text-In Award: Carrie Underwood, International Award: Beyonce (special awards).

beyonce ama07 fergie ama07

carrie underwood ama07 rihanna ama 07

Alicia Keys ama07 Nicole Scherzinger ama07 jordin ama07

amanda bynes ama07 ama07 hsm ashanti ama07

vanessa anne hudgens ama07 avril lavigne ama07 jennie garth ama07